Senior Stylist | Colorist

Why did you become a hairstylist?
Becoming a hairstylist was not a direct path but a windy one that eventually brought me to a place where I feel ecstatic to come to work every day! I attended UC Santa Cruz to develop my passion for the human sciences with a focus on Sociology, but any job associated with my degree seemed daunting and colorless. During college my friends let me experiment with cut and color to save them some pennies and I ended up falling madly in love with the art of hair! It fulfills my passion for creativity and also for engaging with all walks of life on a day to day basis.

What inspires you?
On an aesthetic level it is everything about the world around me. Once my eye became attuned to shapes, colors, and texture in the context of hair it opened up a world of creativity and a fresh perspective. When I have that lens on I can even look at a barbed-wire fence and be inspired to style hair in a new way!

My other inspirations are the people that sit in my chair. I love hearing your stories, providing you with a relaxing segment of your day, and learning from your hair to create a look that leaves you feeling beautiful and confident.

A product you can’t live without?
I am obsessed with Rene Furterer’s Fioravanti shine rinse! It is in between a shampoo and conditioner so it is slightly cleansing and moisturizing, but will not strip your natural oils from the scalp or leave your hair feeling heavy and difficult to style.

Services   –  I cut & color hair.

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