Hair Products That We Carry

These three lines address the challenging requirements we, as hairdressers, face with our clients. We do not ‘hop aboard’ the latest ‘hot thing’ in hair care, or pile our shelves with a kazillion different lines as a sales strategy. For us, the products we carry, must speak to the priorities of our Culture–Care, Integrity, Skill, and Passion. These lines do just that.

We needed products that made an impact on challenging hair issues. When we saw the results firsthand, we fell in love with Rene Furterer of Paris. We traveled to France to see their production facilities. Their commitment to quality is unmistakable.

When we came across Bumble and bumble, we were inspired and excited by them, and their enormous educational contribution to our industry. As hairdressers, we’d waited a long, long time for a company to come along who really ‘got’ what we need as creative professionals.

And then we came across Hamadi, the product line of noted celebrity hairstylist, Jamal Hamadi, whose commitment to a natural and organic approach is for real, not just for marketing!