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At Peter Thomas Hair we like to think of Rene Furterer as ‘skin care’ for the hair. It addresses the foundation, meets the challenges, goes to the root of the problem, and yes the pun is intended! Rene Furterer said “Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil.” We agree.

Our stylists don’t think of Rene Furterer as a “product” that just sits on the hair, but rather one actively improving the performance and health of the hair. If the hair is too thin, too dry, too oily, too limp, too sensitive, we naturally reach for a Rene product because it makes the difference we are looking for. Clients return to our salon again and again to get their Rene. And for us, that says it all.

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Okara Color Protect Shampoo

Okara Color Protect Shampoo

WHAT IS IT? Most shampoos contain ingredients that fade color treated hair. Okara is formulated to resist this fading while cleansing your hair.

WHEN TO USE IT? Whenever you shampoo your hair.

Karite Nourishing Mask

Karite Nourishing Mask

WHAT IS IT? A conditioning mask to nourish and repair dry damaged hair.

WHEN TO USE IT? After you shampoo your hair. Apply to hair and leave on for 5 -10 minutes, then rinse. Recommended as a weekly treatment.

Lissea Leave-In Spray

Lissea Leave-In Spray

WHAT IS IT? It’s a leave-in spray that protects your hair when heat styling.

WHEN TO USE IT? Apply to towel dried hair. Then start blow drying or straightening your hair.